What Is It Called When Something Happens Unexpectedly?

Is Unpurposely a word?


Not on purpose; accidentally..

What is it called when something unexpected happens in a story?

suspense. details that lead up to the climax. irony. when something unexpected happens.

What is it called when a word has a deeper meaning?

The Oxford English Dictionary describes a double entendre as being used to “convey an indelicate meaning”, whilst Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English defines it as “a word or phrase that may be understood in two different ways, one of which is often sexual”)

What is it called when a writer uses one thing to represent another?

Metaphorical language makes writing more vivid, imaginative, thought provoking, and meaningful. Metonymy (mĕtŏn′ ĭmē) A term from the Greek meaning “changed label” or “substitute name,” metonymy is a figure of speech in which the name of one object is substituted for that of another closely associated with it.

What is a synonym for having a good chance?

What is another word for good chance?likelihoodliabilityoddsperilplausibilityreasonablenessriskthreatchancesdirection104 more rows

What is a hidden message called?

A hidden message is information that is not immediately noticeable, and that must be discovered or uncovered and interpreted before it can be known. Hidden messages include backwards audio messages, hidden visual messages and symbolic or cryptic codes such as a crossword or cipher.

What are Polysemic words?

Polysemy is the association of one word with two or more distinct meanings, and a polyseme is a word or phrase with multiple meanings. … The fact that so many words (or lexemes) are polysemous “shows that semantic changes often add meanings to the language without subtracting any,” says M.

What is it called when a word has a double meaning?

A double-entendre is a phrase or figure of speech that could have two meanings or that could be understood in two different ways. Innocent or innocuous.

What does highly unexpected mean?

adjective. not expected; unforeseen; surprising: an unexpected pleasure; an unexpected development.

What is another word for events?

eventoccurrence, happening, proceeding, episode, incident, affair, circumstance, occasion, business, matter, experience, eventuality, phenomenon.function, gathering, get-together, jamboree.informal bash, do, jolly, shindig, shindy.

What’s the word for unexpected?

Find another word for unexpected. In this page you can discover 45 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for unexpected, like: unforeseen, astonishing, unanticipated, wonderful, unpredicted, stunning, amazing, unprepared for, like a bolt from the blue, startling and electrifying.

What is it called when something happens by chance?

Probability is defined as the likelihood of something occurring or the chance of something happening. … Resulting in good fortune; lucky.

What are the odds mean?

The odds are the chances that something will happen. … Anyone predicting the weather is telling the odds of rain or snow — they don’t know for sure. If something strange happens people often say, “What were the odds of that?”, which means: “I can’t believe that happened. The odds were against it.”

What is another word for by chance?

What is another word for by chance?incidentalaccidentalchancecasualfortuitousrandomadventitiousflukyaccompanyingcoincidental15 more rows

What does be Intentional mean?

It means you are purposeful in word and action. It means you live a life that is meaningful and fulfilling to you. It means you make thoughtful choices in your life. Being intentional means you actively interact and engage with your life.

What is intentional and unintentional?

Lesson Summary. Let’s recall that unintentional injuries are harmful acts that occurred without any intention of causing damage to oneself or others, while intentional injuries are injuries resulting from purposeful harmful actions upon oneself or others.

What does it mean to do something unintentionally?

adjective. Something that is unintentional is not done deliberately, but happens by accident. Perhaps he had slightly misled them, but it was quite unintentional. There are moments of unintentional humour. Synonyms: accidental, involuntary, unintended, casual More Synonyms of unintentional.

What does not unexpected mean?

Adjective. Not unexpected and so not causing surprise. unsurprising. foreseeable. predictable.