Quick Answer: What Is The Most Dangerous Place In The Universe?

What is the most deadly thing in space?

Trash: The most dangerous thing in space..

What can destroy a galaxy?

“Black holes form inside their host galaxies and grow inproportion to them, forming an accretion disc which will eventually destroy thehost,” he added. “In this sense they can be described as viral innature.” Still, “massive galaxies are in the minority in our visibleuniverse,” Bluck noted.

What is the most powerful thing in the universe?

These explosions generate beams of high-energy radiation, called gamma-ray bursts (GRBs), which are considered by astronomers to be the most powerful thing in the universe.

What is the weirdest planet in the universe?

The wild wild worlds: a guide to the weirdest planets in the…An artist’s rendering of the gas giant 2MASS J2126. … An artist’s impression of the Jupiter-sized exoplanet Kepler 432-b. … CVSO 30b is the blue circle in the center and its sister planet, CVSOc, is the small white dot to the left. … This image shows WASP-18b and the star that it orbits.

What are the coolest planets?

Neptune. Most would say the coldest planet in our solar system is the frosty Neptune. This is because it is the eighth planet in our solar system and therefore the furthest away from the Sun.

What does Venus look like?

Venus is the second planet from the Sun, and is Earth’s closest neighbor in the solar system. Venus is the brightest object in the sky after the Sun and the Moon, and sometimes looks like a bright star in the morning or evening sky. The planet is a little smaller than Earth, and is similar to Earth inside.

Why is Venus toxic?

Venus: The Basics Venus is a dim world of intense heat and volcanic activity. Similar in structure and size to Earth, Venus’ thick, toxic atmosphere traps heat in a runaway ‘greenhouse effect. ‘ The scorched world has temperatures hot enough to melt lead. … Atmosphere: Carbon dioxide, nitrogen.

Which planet is dangerous?

0.015% 0.007% 3.5% 64% Page 2 Venus is the most dangerous planet in the solar system: its surface is at 393°C, hot enough to melt lead. It’s even hotter than the planet Mercury, which is closest to the Sun.

What is the most dangerous galaxy?

Messier 64, as the Black Eye galaxy is more formally known, is thought to have taken on its ominous appearance after it collided with another galaxy perhaps a billion years ago. Billows of cosmic dust swirl amid NGC 1316, a giant elliptical galaxy formed billions of years ago when two spiral galaxies merged.

Which planet is most scariest?

These are the spookiest, scariest storms on any known planetThe Glass Storm of HD 189733b.The Steaming Acid Rain of Venus. … The Mysterious Strobe Lightning of HAT-P-11b. … The Apocalyptic Dust Storms of Mars. … The Shrieking Winds of HD 80606b. … The Red-Eyed Monsters of Jupiter. …

Can a black hole destroy a galaxy?

There is no way a black hole would eat an entire galaxy. The gravitational reach of supermassive black holes contained in the middle of galaxies is large, but not nearly large enough for eating the whole galaxy.

What is the most unique planet?

The best planet is Uranus—Uranus the bizarre. Uranus the unique.

Which is the stormiest planet?

JupiterJupiter is the stormiest planet in the Solar System. There is a permanent, but ever-changing whirlpool of storms, known as Jupiter’s Great Red Spot which can be seen using a telescope. The Red Spot was first seen by Robert Hooke in 1664.