Quick Answer: What Free Phones Does Boost Offer When You Switch?

How much does it cost to switch over to Boost Mobile?

Switch to Boost Mobile® $50/mo.

most everything else.

Add a line $30/mo.


How much is 2 lines Boost Mobile?

Available now, new and existing customers can get two lines for $65 per month with Auto Re-Boost, which includes unlimited talk, text and data with 10GB of high-speed data for each line1. The $5 Auto Re-Boost monthly discount starts the second month after enrollment.

What deals Does Boost Mobile have right now?

Unlimited talk, text & 2GB of data4 Free LG K51s. Valid through 7/30/20. … 4 lines for $100/mo. Valid through 7/30/20. … iPhone 7 $49.99. Valid through 7/30/20. … $1 Million Sweepstakes. Valid through 7/16/20. … Samsung A10e BOGO. Valid through 7/30/20. … Free Phones Combo. … 2GB for $30/mo. … Data deprioritization during congestion.More items…

Do you get a free Iphone when you switch to Boost?

Boost Mobile does offer limited support to those who have their own phone that they’d like to bring over to the network. … If you do happen to have a compatible device, through 4/16/18 you can get one month of free service when you port over to Boost Mobile and subscribe to the company’s $50 unlimited Gigs plan.

Is Boost Mobile better than Virgin Mobile?

Pros & Cons of Switching to Boost Mobile Boost’s plans are slightly better than Virgin Mobile’s plans, so you’ll likely be getting an upgrade come February. You’ll have more plan options, including more unlimited plans, and more benefits.

What is the best cell phone plan for 2 lines?

Best family cell phone plans: summaryDetailsGet startedPlan: Metro by T-Mobile 10GB Best for: Two people Monthly cost: $70 (two lines)Get startedPlan: Sprint Unlimited Basic Best for: Two people Monthly cost: $110; $100 with autopay discount (two lines)Get started4 more rows

What is the cheapest cell phone plan for two people?

VerizonNumber of People2GB of Shared DataStart Unlimited11$55$702$75$1203$95$1354$115$140Apr 8, 2020

How can I get my boost bill paid for free?

Visit My Account to make a one-time payment – Free (no charge): Sign in to My Account and click on the ‘Re-Boost Now’ button. From there, you can use a debit or credit card to make a one-time payment or redeem a Re-Boost® card. Add money to a friend or family member’s account – Free (no charge):

What carrier is boost mobile compatible with?

No. Only non-Sprint, non-Virgin phones are potentially compatible through boostmobile.com/bring-your-phone/. See Activate a Sprint phone for details about activating a Sprint or Virgin Mobile phone on Boost Mobile.

What free phone do you get when you switch to Boost?

Boost is offering a promotion that allows for up to four free LG Stylo 5 phones when you switch to them as a new customer. The required cell phone plan is $50 or above, and there is a limit to one free cell phone per line.

What cell phone companies are offering free phones?

Free cell phones are readily available through leading mobile carriers like Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and AT&T when consumers choose one of their select wireless phone plans.

How much is the activation fee at Boost Mobile?

Do I have to pay to activate my phone? There is no activation fee if you activate a new phone using the activation PIN number that comes inside every new phone box. If you don’t have an activation PIN number, then a $10 one-time reactivation charge will apply.

How much is the iPhone 7 when you switch to Boost Mobile?

Boost Mobile Has The iPhone 7 For $29.99.

Can you switch a metro phone to Boost?

You can switch your phone number to boost but not the phone. Boost runs off of Sprints CDMA network and Metro runs off of Tmobiles GSM network so they wouldn’t work UNLESS it is a carrier unlocked device. … The phones use different networks and only a few MetroPCS phones will work on Boost Mobile.

What is the best phone plan for 2 lines?

Best Value Family Plan: Sprint Unlimited Plus Family Plan.Best Family Plan for 2 Lines: Simple Mobile $50 Unlimited Family Plan.Best Prepaid Family Plan: Metro by T-Mobile $60 Unlimited Family Plan.Best Family Plan For Coverage: Verizon Do More Unlimited Family Plan.More items…

How can I get a free phone?

The government runs a program called Lifeline Assistance which gives low income Americans access to free cell phones and inexpensive cell phone plans. To qualify for the program, you’ll need to meet certain income criteria, or be enrolled in a program like Food Stamps (SNAP) or Medicaid.