Quick Answer: What Does Evangeline Mean In French?

What are some unique names for a girl?

Unusual Girl Baby Girl NamesA.

Addilyn, Adley, Alisa, Alora, Analia, Aria, Armelle, Aviana.B.

Bexley, Braelynn, Brea, Brinley, Britta, Bronywyn.C.

Calla, Camari, Cora, Corinna.D.

Danica, Darby, Delaney, Diem, Dinah.E.

Effie, Elodie, Elora, Ember, Embry, Emerson.F.

Farah, Farren, Fleur.G.

Gianna, Gracen, Grecia, Greer.H.More items…•.

Is Evangeline a religious name?

The name Evangeline is a girl’s name of Greek origin meaning “bearer of good news”. Evangeline is a romantic old name enjoying a major comeback, thanks to its religious overtones, Eva’s popularity, and the hot star of the TV megahit Lost, Evangeline Lilly.

What is Evie short for?

Evie is a feminine given name, diminutive of Eve and Evelyn; often a short form (hypocorism) of another, such as Evangeline, Evangelina, Evita or even the French Geneviève.

How do you pronounce Evangeline?

The story he wrote ‘Evangeline’ was about a southern nun who endured loss and hardship and continued to be a positive force and complete her work as a nurse, teacher, and foster mother….Pronounce Names.Pronunciation:Ev Ann Jell EEn EEn seen What does this mean?Type of Name:first nameGender:Female1 more row

What is the nickname for Evangeline?

Evangeline is a name that’s been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for girls. Variations of the name Evangeline are Evangelina and Evangaline. Nicknames include Ev, Angie, Vangie, and Lina. Famous Evangelines include Canadian actress Evangeline Lilly, and American author Evangeline Walton.

French Girls Names: Most Popular Girls Names in FranceLouise.Alice.Chloe.Ines.Sarah.Jeanne.Adele.Juliette.More items…

Is Evie a girl Pokemon?

Evie is a female Eevee owned by Raymond. She is the daughter of Eve & Crystal’s Vaporeon and the younger twin sister of Evee.

Is Evangeline a French name?

Evangelina and Evangeline are feminine given names, diminutives of Latin “evangelium” (“gospel”, itself from Greek Ευαγγέλιο “gospel”, meaning “good news”). “Ev” is an accepted abbreviation for these two names. These names are used in Spanish, French, English, Croatian and Bulgarian.

What’s the meaning of the name Evangeline?

In Greek Baby Names the meaning of the name Evangeline is: Good news, bringer of good news. Famous bearer: American poet Longfellow’s poem ‘Evangeline’; Evangeline (Eva) from ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’.

How many people are named Evangeline?

There are 18,274 people in the U.S. with the first name Evangeline. Statistically the 1425th most popular first name. More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Evangeline are female.

Where did the name Evangeline come from?

The name Evangeline comes from the Latin word “evangelium” meaning “gospel”. The Latin word itself is derived from the Greek words “eu”—”good”—and “angela”—”news”.

What star is Evangeline?

Evangeline is Ray’s star, Supposidly the North Star, and Ray’s love intrest.

What does the name Grace mean?

The name Grace means Charm and is of Latin origin. Grace is a name that’s been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for girls. The name Grace was first bestowed as a reference to the “grace of God.” Alternate spellings of the name Grace include Grace, Grayse, Gracia, and Graciella.

What is Evie’s real name?

Sofia CarsonDescendantsEvie/Played by

What is the nickname Tilly short for?

Tilly is a feminine given name and/or nickname. It is an variant/diminutive for the German name, Matilda (Mahthildis), meaning “strength in battle”.