Question: What Happens If I Don’T Reach My Target On Just Giving?

Is just giving safe?

You can be assured that donating through JustGiving is both easy and safe.

Here’s why: The way we store card details is completely secure.

We comply with Payment Card Industry standards..

How do I donate on just giving?

There are two ways to make sure offline donations reach the charity.Make an online donation using your own credit/debit card. Pay the donations into your own bank account and make an online donation via your JustGiving page. … Send donations to the charity directly and use the ‘Raised offline’ function.

How do I stop my fundraising on just giving?

Managing your Fundraising Page for a charity / How do I cancel my Fundraising Page?Log into your account and on the left hand side, click ‘Edit your page’ alongside the page you’d like to cancel.Click on ‘Cancel your page’ and ‘Please cancel my JustGiving page’.

How long does a donation take to show on just giving?

Everything you need to know: It takes 6-10 working days for the funds to reach you after requesting a withdrawal.

Can I change my donation from anonymous on just giving?

After donating / How can I change my donation message or make my donation anonymous? … All you need to do is contact us directly to get your message changed or removed. We can change the message or anonymise old donations too, which will also remove them from other people’s Feeds.

Can I change my target on JustGiving?

If you would like to make tweaks to your Page, log into your account and click ‘Edit page’ at the top right side of your Crowdfunding Page. Here you can make changes to your target, Crowdfunding summary, bio, location, cover photo and story.

Does just giving go straight to the charity?

After donating / How are donations transferred to the charity? If your charity is based in the UK we automatically transfer donations to the chosen charity on a weekly basis (or, if the total donated to that particular charity on JustGiving is under £50, we wait until the end of the month).

Which is better GoFundMe or just giving?

With GoFundMe, you can withdraw the funds you raise immediately—and deposits to your bank account take between 2-5 business days. … Additionally, JustGiving charges a 5% platform fee, compared with GoFundMe’s 0% platform fee.

What is the minimum donation on just giving?

The minimum text donation is GBP £1 and all donations must be in whole pounds sterling. The maximum text donation allowed is GBP £10 for all mobile operators.

How do I see who just donated on just giving?

Managing your Fundraising Page for a charity / How do I find out who’s donated to my page?Log into your account.You’ll see your active pages on the left hand side, click ‘Edit’ underneath the page you’d like to view.Select ‘See all donations to your page’ on the right hand side.

Why is my donation not showing on just giving?

As soon as you make a donation, we automatically send a donation receipt to the email you’ve given us. If you haven’t received a receipt, there’s a possibility that your email account has automatically treated it as spam, so it’s worth checking your spam folder to see if it’s in there.

How do I extend my Just Giving page?

How to extend or bring the expiry date forward:Log into your account and alongside your page on the left hand side, click ‘Edit your page’Click ‘Extend your fundraising page’Choose a new date for your page to expire and click on the blue ‘Save’ button.

What percentage does JustGiving?

5%We have done away with a 5% fee taken from the donation, instead we are now asking donors to add a small tip on top of their donation to keep us running and improving. The only fee deducted from the donation is a card processing that is standard for each transaction made through our site.

What happens to just giving money?

We make payments via BACs transfer, so they can take 2-3 working days to reach you once paid. Fees: JustGiving take 2.9% + 25p, which applies to all donations made to your page. These costs cover standard card processing fees and also the costs of ensuring the funds reach you safely.

Did just giving take 2 million?

Posts have claimed fundraising platform Just Giving is making £2 million commission from the money raised by Captain Tom Moore for the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) (here). … Just Giving told Reuters that 97% of the donation will go directly to NHS Charities Together.