Question: How Do I Block A Website On Windows 10 Edge?

How do I block a website on Windows 10?

OnlineFind your child’s name and select Content restrictions.Scroll down to Web browsing and switch Block inappropriate websites from Off to On.If you want to always block specific sites, add their URLs under Always blocked.More items…•.

How do I block websites on my Microsoft computer?

From the Web Browsing screen on the Microsoft Family website, swipe up or scroll down to Always Block These. Enter the URL of a website you want to block. Tap or click Block to add the site to the list of blocked sites.

How do I stop Microsoft edge from blocking websites?

How to disable SmartScreen Filter in Microsoft EdgeOpen Microsoft Edge.Click the menu (…) button in the top-right corner.Click on Settings.Click the View advanced settings button.Turn off the “Help protect me from malicious sites and downloads with SmartScreen Filter” toggle switch.

How do I block a specific website?

How to Block Websites on Chrome Android (Mobile)Open the Google Play Store and install the “BlockSite” app. … Open the downloaded BlockSite app. … “Enable” the app in your phone’s settings to allow the app to block websites. … Tap the green “+” icon to block your first website or app.More items…•

Can you block a website on your computer?

Blocking a website in Windows Blocking a site using these steps only blocks the website on one computer. Any other computer, phone, or tablet connected to your home network can still access the site you’re blocking. A website can be blocked on any Windows computer by editing the hosts file (also see the lmhost file).